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Restore your confidence and achieve the look you desire with our breast enhancement specialist in Munich, Dr, Christian Lenz.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about the breast augmentation procedure. Our goal is for you to leave our care with the beautiful, shapely breasts you desire. The personal consultation gives you the opportunity to get to know your surgeon, Dr. Christian Lenz, share your breast enlargement desires and questions, and feel comfortable and reassured with your decision.

Breast augmentation – Implant or own fat?

Breast enlargement is possible through the use of high-quality silicone implants or through reconstruction with your own fat. Which method is right for you depends on your physical conditions as a patient.

Breast augmentation with silicone implants

While breast augmentation with fat transfer is not always possible, breast augmentation with silicone implants works for every patient. There are many different options of silicone implants available: smooth or textured, round or shaped like a teardrop.

Dr. Christian Lenz goal is to give you the beautiful, shapely breasts you desire and to make sure you chose the right shape and size for the implant that fits to your bodily proportions. He only uses implants from renown manufacturers that have the highest quality standards.

Patient's Experience

Satisfaction can best be measured when it is authentic and based on experiences that patients have had with me, my consultation, and my implants.

Listen and watch here in this current example from my practice, what one of our patients reports about her breast enlargement, which I carried out in my modern clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery along with my experienced practice team.

Learn about the appearance of the scars after breast enlargement, the distance between the breasts after the cosmetic surgery, and how satisfied the patient is with the result of our procedure.

We wish you a lot of fun watching the video and especially interesting and authentic insights into my work as a surgeon with a professional eye for natural aesthetics.

Breast Enlargement with own fat

Injecting your own fat can be an alternative to using implants if you are looking for a moderate breast enlargement. This method is minimally invasive and requires the presence of enough of your own fat, which can be suctioned from another part of the body.

The fat is then prepared and injected into the breast tissue. Since it is your own body fat, it is not perceived by the body as a foreign body and therefore not rejected.

On the other hand, the body also partially breaks down its own fat. Unlike silicone implants, this means that the breast volume, which is visible immediately after the procedure, will decrease slightly over time.

Breast reconstruction or breast enlargement with your own fat by an experienced surgeon is only possible if you have enough fat on your body. This is usually a significant "excess". For thin women or women who want to significantly enlarge their breasts or in the breast reconstruction area, silicone breast implants are the optimal alternative.

Comparison Implant versus Own Fat

Every woman is different and has different preferences. It is important to me to respond to your individual wishes and needs - in order to find the optics with you that you feel comfortable with. The best way to achieve this is with a 3D simulation.

Implants in the form of drops imitate the natural female breast. They are anatomically shaped, fuller at the bottom and slimmer towards the top.

Body shape harmony

Regardless of whether you opt for silicone breast implants or to increase the volume of your breasts with your own fat (lipofilling), harmony with your individual body shape is always in the foreground. 

Choosing the right breast implant profile and projection is vital to achieve the best breast shape and contour with your breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Christian Lenz is a specialist plastic surgeon in Munich and an expert at breast augmentation using implants. Dr. Christian Lenz will work with you to achieve the most attractive and natural-looking breasts possible. Some patients do prefer a more obvious looking implant or ‘fake breasts’ or you may prefer natural breast enhancement using your own fat or combining implants with a fat transfer for a hybrid breast augmentation. 

As part of an in-depth consultation, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of silicone breast implants and increasing the volume of your breasts by introducing your own fat - always with a focus on your personal wishes and special anatomical requirements and characteristics. 

Methods & Techniques for Breast Augmentation

Dr. med. Christian Lenz presents methods and techniques of breast augmentation in the video.

Dr. Lenz is happy to advise you in a personal appointment which method and technique are best suited for your breast augmentation.

Finding the perfect breast implant 

Do you want full, large breasts? Or would you like the most natural impression possible after the operation? The needs of my patients are very different.

The right breast implant is the one that fits your physique and that you feel comfortable with over the long term.

In order to achieve this optimal result for you, I will measure you individually in a personal consultation. An additional 3D simulation enables you to get a first impression of the expected result.

You have enough time to look at all the implants, feel them, press them and try them on with a special bra. This gives you a lifelike "tangible" and realistic picture of how the different silicone gel inserts fit your body, your personality and your proportions.

You can see and feel which implant accentuates your proportions where and how exactly, and in what way, and you can easily and reliably compare the different impressions and effects.

Together with individual and professional advice, this ultimately makes it easier for you to decide on “your” implant. And for naturally beautiful breasts as a convincing result of professional cosmetic surgery and as one of the most important female attributes.

Teardrop-shaped breast implants

There are basically two options for the shape. We distinguish between teardrop-shaped, anatomical breast implants and round implants. The chosen shape of the implant determines the future shape of your breast.

Whether your implant is placed on or under the pectoral muscle also depends on your wishes and individual anatomical conditions.

Teardrop shaped breast implants are characterized as follows:

  • The shape is based on the natural female breast.
  • anatomically shaped
  • fuller below, slimmer towards the top, just like a drop

Round breast implants

A uniform enlargement of the breast volume is aimed at with round, spherical-looking implants.

The décolleté appears fuller with this type of implant because the breast is given an even, round shape. So that the breast does not appear unnatural and disproportionate to the figure, the chosen implant size is decisive when choosing round implants.

In the case of flat breasts that have a severe volume deficit, round implants usually achieve better results than other shapes due to their uniformity.

Round breast implants are characterized as follows:

  • evenly large volume
  • full cleavage
  • an anatomical shape even when standing, since silicone gel inserts or their center of gravity sink downwards.

Comparison Breast Implants

Round Implants
For a full décolleté.
Teardrop (anatomical) implants
Shapes a natural breast..

Breast implant for a natural result.

Every woman experiences naturalness differently. It is important to me to respond to your individual wishes and needs - to find the look together with you that makes you feel comfortable. I achieve this best in the simulation.

Generally, however, it is true that drop-shaped implants imitate the natural female breast. They are anatomically shaped, are full at the bottom and become slimmer towards the top.

Procedure for breast augmentation

If you decide to have a breast augmentation, it is important that you are familiar with the procedure and that you can go into the operation with peace of mind. At this point and in a personal conversation, I will familiarize you with the processes in detail.

Duration of surgery
ca. 1 – 1,5 Hours
Hospital stay
Optional overnight stay
General anesthesia
Wireless sports bra / approximately 6 weeks, also no sports for 6 weeks.
Fit for social and business activities:
After four days

Preparation for a breast augmentation

As with any (cosmetic) surgery, breast augmentation involves certain risks. You will, of course, be fully informed by me in advance. If you decide to have a breast augmentation after the consultation, we will go through the breast augmentation process again on the day of the operation. Before photos are taken and markings relevant to the operation are drawn on the chest.

These markings are used to mark the respective implant locations – i.e. the cavities required for the size of the implant for the exact positioning of the implants in the appropriate skin layer – with millimeter precision.

Step by step explanation of the procedure

Schritt 1


The incision lines for the operation are marked on your body while you are standing.

Step 1
Schritt 2
Step 2


The anesthetist takes all the necessary steps for the planned general anesthesia. I only perform breast augmentation under general anesthesia. You will be comprehensively informed in advance about the exact procedure, the effect and possible risks and side effects of the anesthesia.

Schritt 3


As discussed, I perform the operation either in the Iatros Clinic in the center of Munich or in the MVZ Ottobrunn in a modern operating room.

Schritt 4
Schritt 4

Cost of breast augmentation

The costs of breast augmentation are individual - just like you and your requirements are. I advise you against purely flat-rate offers. I can give you the information below for a first orientation. If you have any questions about the costs of breast augmentation, feel free to contact me. Together, we will discuss your requirements for a beautiful breast.

With implants:
Starting from 7,200,- €, depending on anatomical prerequisites and the associated scope of the operation including all costs (implants, anesthesia, operating room, post-care).
With own fat:
Starting from 12,000,- Euro including all costs (anesthesia, operating room, post-care)
Financing through health insurance:
Only possible in very rare cases. We are happy to advise you.
Financing through our cooperation partner is possible.

The costs are dependent on the individual case.

The above mentioned costs should be understood as a guide. Because the costs incurred are shaped just as individually as my consultation and the agreed procedure (breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reconstruction), final costs also vary. Therefore, package offers would be neither professional nor helpful, especially with regard to your individual circumstances.

A breast enlargement is also an investment - in your new, self-confident self, in natural proportions, in a harmonious and attractive appearance. It is crucial, in addition to financial aspects, that the high-quality implants and the proven methods of breast enlargement that I perform here in my Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery clinic in Munich, together with my experienced practice team, match you, your body and your ideas. 

What you can count on in any case is:

• Personal, comprehensive, and professional advice from me.

• Traceability and maximum transparency with regard to each step of the procedure and the associated costs.

• Comprehensive personal advice as well as an in-depth discussion of each step of your breast enlargement. You are investing in the perfect match between your individual wishes and ideas and the appropriate breast implants or breast enlargement through your own fat.

What breast size fits me?

Before a breast augmentation, the question of which breast size you desire naturally arises. What size will create an attractive appearance and truly fit me? It's important that the breasts are in a harmonious proportion to the entire body.

To determine the ideal breast size for you, the personal consultation is crucial. I measure you individually and advise you in detail - of course based on your wishes and ideas. Together, we will find the optimal size and shape for you.

In my practice, you can get familiar with different implants and try on various sizes with a special bra. You will quickly develop a sense of your desired size.

3D Breast Augmentation Simulation

Using a 3D simulation, I can display any implant visually and individually adjusted to your body. Before the breast augmentation, you will already see what the result will look like. A simulation is a good decision-making aid.

With this professional simulation, you will gain realistic and actually touchable impressions of what is "big" enough for you and your unique proportions. You will see in real-time which implant and breast size

  • accentuates your body shape in the most natural way
  • best fits the specific composition of your skin and your glands
  • specifically enhances your attractiveness
  • gives you new self-confidence.

Of course, my friendly clinic team in Munich and I will also be happy to advise you individually on the subject of 3D simulation breast augmentation at any time.

  • accentuates your body shape in the most natural way
  • best fits the specific composition of your skin and your glands
  • specifically enhances your attractiveness
  • gives you new self-confidence

Of course, my friendly clinic team in Munich and I will also be happy to advise you individually on the subject of 3D simulation breast augmentation at any time.

Breast augmentation configurator

Possible sizes of implants

Your perfect size
It's possible to choose from a range of implant sizes. The most important factor is that the result should fit your proportions. I'll take your measurements and let you try on different sizes. Quickly, you'll develop a reliable sense of "your" size.
3D Simulation
With our 3D simulation, you can visually see each implant adjusted to you.

Breast enlargement - which access is optimal? 

Most women can have the access for the implant created around the nipple or along the natural breast crease. The implant is then placed on or under the chest muscle. Where the placement is made depends on the anatomical conditions, but of course your wishes are also taken into account in the decision.

Other factors such as the desired breast shape after enlargement and individual health conditions also play an equally important role in deciding on the optimal access and placement of the implant.

Subglandular placement

  • The subglandular method, also referred to as such, involves placement of the silicone implants between the breast gland and chest muscle, and thus under the breast tissue.
  • One disadvantage of the subglandular location can be that the silicone gel liners or their edges can be felt under the skin, but this is more the case in slimmer women with smaller breasts.
  • Nevertheless, the location between the breast gland and chest muscle corresponds to the natural breast shape, so the natural breast form is maintained even after a subglandular implant is inserted.
  • One advantage of this breast enlargement method is that the chest muscle does not have to be cut.

Submuscular placement

  • This method, also known as submuscular, involves placing the implant under the chest muscle.
  • This position reduces the palpability and visibility of the implant, especially in the upper part of the breast.
  • A disadvantage of submuscular placement during breast augmentation may be that the silicone gel implants can move slightly with contraction of the chest muscles.

Comparison access breast augmentation

Submuscular placement
Barely palpable from the outside and creating a very natural result. A longer period of rest is required after the operation.
Subglandular placement
The implant is only noticeable if you have little of your own breast tissue. Everyday movements are possible relatively soon after the operation.

Risks of breast augmentation 

As with any other (plastic) surgery, a breast operation also carries risks. Dr. Christian Lenz will thoroughly inform you about these in advance and of course answer all your questions.

We pay extremely close attention to strict compliance with hygiene standards. You can be assured that we will keep the risks for your breast enlargement as low as possible.

Breast augmentation in Munich

A beautiful breast embodies femininity - and it's more than just a matter of appearance. When you feel good in your body, you radiate satisfaction and self-confidence to others. Do you want larger breasts?

As a specialist in the field of breast augmentation, I offer you:

Outstanding specialist in plastic & aesthetic surgery

Over 6000 surgeries -
experience from practice & continuing education.