Skin and wrinkles treatment: methods & recommended application

Finally no more wrinkles and a younger and fresher appearance – a deep wish of many of my patients. Thanks to the enormous progress the in the past have been achieved in aesthetic medicine the wish for an overall youthful appearance is not just mere wishful thinking.
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Video wrinkles treatment

Medicine and surgery today offer a wide range of opportunities for the treatment and reduction of unwanted wrinkles – for a restored and preserved beautiful skin.

Methods of skin and wrinkles treatment

With a facial surgery intervention the signs of aging in the facial appearance can be precisely corrected. When skin loses its tension, when deeper wrinkles appear and when facial contours show obvious signs of skin aging modern facelifting offers a long-lasting and sustainable remedy. Facelift is always custom made and a high-precision work and it is adapted exactly to the patients’ requirements. The correct surgical technique is decisive and crucial to achieve the best-possible results. Facelift is often combined with an eyelids correction. In my practice clinic I carry out a variety of cosmetic operations in the field of facial surgery. These include Facelift as well as Upper and Lower Eyelids Lifting. My aim is to enrich Munich and its surroundings with my cosmetic surgery’s state-of-the-art techniques and to contribute to an improved and more positive attitude towards life.
Häufig wird ein Facelift auch kombiniert mit einer Lidkorrektur. In meiner Praxisklinik führe ich unterschiedliche Schönheitsoperationen im Bereich der Gesichtschirurgie durch.
Hierzu gehören unter anderem Facelift, Oberlidstraffung und Unterlidstraffung. Mein Ziel ist es, mit meinen modernen Verfahren der Schönheitschirurgie München und Umgebung zu bereichern und zu einem verbesserten Lebensgefühl zu verhelfen.


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