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Innovative Meso-Threads for Décolleté Wrinkles Treatment

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Décolleté wrinkles and age spots are normal aging signs.

From a dermatological point of view the unavoidable aging process is a simple matter of course and begins sooner or later for every woman and every man.

On this page you will find all relevant information about the innovative treatments that I a renowned specialist in the field of wrinkles treatment with a modern and well-equipped practice in Munich deploy to alleviate, soften or even eliminate décolleté wrinkles.

When do cleavage wrinkles appear?

Not only forehead wrinkles, laugh lines, nasolabial folds and the annoying frown line on the face are a consequence of the ageing process. Unattractive wrinkles also appear on the décolleté over the years.

This is the result of a decrease in the collagen and hyaluronic content of the skin. Excessive wrinkles on the décolleté as well as wrinkles on the face and little elasticity of the skin are, however, not necessarily a pure sign of ageing.

Side sleepers in particular really breed wrinkles on the décolleté because the bosom is compressed at night.

 Lifestyle also plays a role: excessive sunbathing, smoking, rapid weight gain have a negative effect on the elasticity of the skin. Weak connective tissue or the pull of large breasts and neglected skin care can also be reasons for cleavage wrinkles.

How can décolleté wrinkles be treated effectively?

Skin rejuvenation in the facial area, around the neck or in the décolleté area is not only a subject for discussion in the world of stars, starlets and celebs but a matter of interest for all women. This is why contrast showers, anti-wrinkles –creams, face gym, Hydro face masks, tightening serums or ampoules meanwhile are an integral part of the every-day care ritual. However these measures counteract the aging process with limited success.

The variety of skin care products is certainly broad but it must be mentioned that the aging process of the skin in the facial area, around the neck or in the area around the cleavage cannot be stopped in a sustainable way by using creams or ampoules.

Annoying marionette wrinkles, lip wrinkles or forehead wrinkles can be smoothened with Hyaluron acid injections in a long term and with very good results.To treat fine creases in the cleavage-area and for the rejuvenation of the skin there has been developed an extremely effective method.

How does the lifting of décolleté wrinkles with Meso Threads work?

The smoothening of décolleté wrinkles by inserting Meso Threads is a still unknown treatment deployed to rejuvenate the skin and was developed by the French medical Dr. Michel Pistor. The Meso Threads treatment is primarily deployed for the tissue tightening in the décolleté area and for the lifting of the skin of the inner sides of the upper arms.

Meso Threads are now even regarded as the miracle weapon of the plastic surgery as they stimulate the skin to produce endogenous collagen to create a firmer skin appearance. They are inserted in the skin tissue via thin needles. 

As a treating physician I can guarantee you long-lasting skin rejuvenation with the insertion of Meso Threads. Your décolleté will regain a juvenile and firmer appearance.

Treating cleavage wrinkles in Munich

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On this page you will find all the important information on the topic of décolleté wrinkles.

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