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Eyebrow lift - Munich

With increasing age, the skin loses elasticity and volume - also in the face. As a result, the eyebrows gradually sag. The eyes appear smaller and more tired overall. The entire facial expression loses openness and "gains" in bad mood, tiredness or even sadness.

A lifting of the eyebrows, i.e. a brow lift, ensures that the frame - i.e. the eyebrows - once again matches the content (your eyes and face). By lifting lowered eyebrows, you appear fresher, more open and younger again.

Find out everything about this treatment method here. As a renowned specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, I will be happy to advise you personally in my practice in Munich about an eyebrow lift, and of course I will pay special attention to your needs.

How to treat sunken/lowered eyebrows?

When it comes to eyebrow lifting/brow lifting or the lifting of eyebrows there is now a great variety of surgical, minimally invasive and even biochemical treatments offered and deployed.Which of these methods might be the best for your personal requirements strongly depends on your individual prerequisites and conditions.Other important criterions to decide for the most appropriate method are to what degree your eyebrows have already sunken or lowered and if you possibly want to combine an eyebrow lifting with the lifting of forehead wrinkles.

In the following overview I have listed different eyebrow lifting treatments.

In a first personal conversation we will clear all open questions. As a proven expert for eyebrow lifting I am looking forward to consult you individually and in detail in my modern practice for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Munich. Together we will find the best solution for your individual eyebrow lifting.

Use of Meso Threads for eyebrow lifting

As for thread lifting I use collagen forming Polydioxanone threads (PDO-threads). PDO-threats are inserted in a minimally invasive intervention. The insertion is carried out through small punctures in the upper eyebrow area and hence completely without surgery or a scalpel. Your skin is again able to retain and bind more moisture and to build up volume. Moreover the skin is contracted and hence automatically tightened by the additional use of tension threads with little barbs.

Your eyebrows start lifting again and your appearance regains a youthful, fresh and open look. I’m happy to inform you about all other additional benefits of the deployment of Meso Threads with eyebrow lifting in a personal conversation.

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Eyebrow lift with meso threads

  • Tension threads with bidirectional barbs are used to tighten the skin.
  • Plain threads without barbs are used to stretch the skin, to upholster the skin, to refill deeper wrinkles and to increase the production of endogenous collagen.

Eyebrow Lifting with the help of a laser

If your eyebrows have already sunken deeply sunken and the upper eyelids are heavily sagging, it might be appropriate to use a fractional laser for the eyebrow lifting.

Little by little, short and ultra-short light pulses remove the upper skin levels. The heat that the highly concentrated laser emits additionally lifts the substructure of the skin. This leads to a strengthening of the skin and stimulates the production of endogenous collagen. This moisture-binding effect for its turn gives the skin more elasticity and more volume in the eyebrow and eyelid region.

This natural reaction is part of the self healing forces of the body which are activated by those multiple little lesions the laser inflicts to the skin.

Talking about the side-effects of the deployment of a laser for an eyebrow lifting we have to mention light or stronger skin reddening and/or light swellings on and/or around the treated skin area(s).

Hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin for eyebrow lifting

Injection with hyaluronic acid

When eyebrows are lifted with hyaluronic acid or injected under the eyebrows, the skin around this area is plumped up from the inside out.

Due to the plumping effect, the skin tightens again and appears fuller, younger and fresher.

The side effects of eyebrow lifting with hyaluronic acid injections include temporary redness, swelling and slight bruising in the treated areas.

It should also be mentioned that hyaluronic acid degrades over time.

You can find more information on my page Hyaluronic Acid Treatment-Munich.

Injection with botulinum toxin

Injections of botulinum toxin are also used in eyebrow lifts, using a very fine needle and a low dosage. The injection aims at temporarily paralysing or weakening the muscles that serve to (unconsciously) lower or pull down the eyebrows. This makes the skin look smoother and fresher.

The restriction of the muscles lasts between 3 and 6 months. After that, a botulinum toxin injection should be considered.

There may also be redness and slight swelling around the botulinum toxin injection sites. However, these usually subside again soon.

During an initial personal consultation in my modern practice in Munich, I will be happy to explain to you in detail how injection with hyaluron or botulinum toxin is best used for eyebrow lifting or also how and when a combination therapy of both methods can be successful against drooping eyebrows.

Eyebrow Lifting through Facelift

This surgical intervention for eyebrow lifting is normally performed with a local anaesthetic. A small incision is set on the upper eyebrow margin or lateral to the eyebrow. The surgeon extracts a small strap of skin and then carefully and tension-free sutures this part. As a result the skin in this area is tightened and the eyebrows are lifted and remain strongly anchored in this position.

Although this intervention is part of the professional routine of aesthetic plastic surgery, we have to mention some possible risks and side effects of an eyebrow lifting by means of facelift, i.e. bleedings, bruises and even swellings as well as pain and slight to moderate numbness of the treated areas. Anyhow these symptoms normally subside after a short time.

Find more information on my site Face-Lift.

Summary Eyebrow Lifting

Hanging or sunken eyebrows give your face a dull, tired or even grumpy expression.

Lifting the eyebrows with a professional eyebrow lift gives your face a more awake, younger and open expression. After all, the effect of tight or even drooping and sunken eyebrows and their decisive role in your overall appearance should not be underestimated.

Depending on the degree and depth of drooping or sagging of the eyebrows and eyelids, and also with regard to the individual conditions, various minimally invasive, surgical and bio-chemical treatment methods or also combination therapies promise long-lasting and visible success with eyebrow lifting.

As a proven expert in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery, I will explain to you in a first personal consultation in my modern practice in Munich which treatment method is best for your eyebrows and what you should always bear in mind when having an eyebrow lift. I look forward to meeting you! And feel free to read my pages on " Preventing wrinkles".

Eyebrow Lifting in Munich

So it's a good thing that there are numerous proven as well as new and innovative treatment methods in the field of eyebrow lifting. This naturally raises sagging eyebrows again, tightens your skin and gently rejuvenates your facial features.

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