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Lip wrinkles literally take a prominent position in our overall appearance as they are difficult to hide and always visible for our counterparts. At the latest when fine wrinkles of the upper lips turn into deep and obvious lip wrinkles they will come to the fore of our communication partners as their look is often directed to our mouth and our lips. Fortunately there are many ways to eliminate and soften annoying lip wrinkles – with a minimal effort and in a sustainable and gentle way. 

Your lips regain their original volume, the contours of your lips reappear in a fresh, juvenile and seductive look and your overall appearance gets a natural rejuvenation-cure. As a renowned specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery with a state-of-the-art equipped practice in Munich I’m happy to explain on the following pages you how lip wrinkles can be treated and which treatment suits best for your individual lip wrinkles.

Different types of lip wrinkles

Wrinkles around mouth and lips vary in terms of their characteristics, shape and the areas they usually form. Just as diversified as their shape and appearance are the different treatment options to eliminate or at least to soften lip wrinkles, to accentuate your lip lines and to give your lips back their natural smoothness, gloss and elasticity. I distinguish between the following types of lip wrinkles:

Radial lip wrinkles

Radial lip lines radiate around the upper and lower lip in a ring shape. They form primary as a result of the continuous contracting of the mouth ring muscle, a mimic muscle which on his part runs around the mouth in a ring shape. 

Besides this there are of course also other factors like the natural aging process that play an important role for the forming of lip wrinkles.

Vertical lip wrinkles

Vertical lip wrinkles appear as fine vertical lines on the lip itself running from one side of the mouth to the other. They can also appear as more pronounced lines on the upper lip reaching form the lips to the nose. Wrinkles on the upper lip may at the beginning be only dynamic, i.e. the solely form with the movement of the lips. 

But with increasing age and as the skin gets thinner and as the lips lose volume lips wrinkles get deeper and remain constantly visible.

How to treat lip wrinkles?

There a many promising approaches to treat radial and vertical lip wrinkles. Which of them is finally the most promising strongly depends on the depth of your wrinkles and the structure and texture of your skin. 

It is not uncommon that the desired results are obtained with a combination of two or more of wrinkle treatment approaches. As a proven expert in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery with a state-of-the-art equipped practice in Munich I have an extensive expertise and a wealth of experience in different wrinkle treatments. 

You can learn more about which of these suits best for which type of lip wrinkles on the following pages. I am pleased to welcome you to a first personal conversation to give you transparent and comprehensive information about the several existing lip wrinkles treatments. 

Together we will find out which one is best suited for your individual lip lines and lip wrinkles and how to give back a fresh look to your lip contours and a rejuvenated power of attraction to your face.

Deployment of Meso Threads against lip wrinkles

Meso Threads are collagen-forming 100 % biodegradable Polydioxanon (PDO), Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) or Polycaprolactone (PCL) threads that dissolve by themselves completely after six to eight months of their insertion.

 When used for thread lifting Meso threads of different shape and strength are superficially – under selective anaesthesia and completely without surgery or scalpel.

Eliminate lip wrinkles

The intervention takes about 20 – 30 minutes and the first effects are immediately visible.

The result: A regained firmness and a naturally upholstered volume of the skin around the lips.

On my page Meso Thread Lifting Munich you will find detailed information about this innovative wrinkles treatment.

At a personal appointment I will gladly advise you individually and in detail about the possibilities the deployment of Meso Threads offers to smoothen or even eliminate your lip lines or lip wrinkles.

I’m looking forward to meet you in person!

Lip wrinkles and laser

Deploying a fractional laser for the treatment of lip wrinkles means to remove the upper skin level is with short and ultra-short light pulses. With this “dermabrasion” existing irregularities of the skin surface are abraded giving back a rejuvenated appearance of the skin. Additionally tightening effects of the skin set in as the laser promotes the forming of endogenous collagen, the natural filling material of the skin. 

Existing and still not very pronounced lip wrinkles are smoothed out. Fine lines and creases on and around the lips can even be completely eliminated. As for the treatment of already deep wrinkles around the lips it must be said that the laser can’t reach deeper layers of the skin and hence strongly pronounced lip wrinkles can only be slightly but not completely removed.Talking about the side effects of a laser treatment against lip wrinkles we have to mention light or stronger skin reddening and/or light swellings on or around the treated skin area(s) which normally subside after a short time. 

With the cell regeneration of the abraded upper skin layers within the following one to two month the laser treatment of lip wrinkles unfold its full effect that can last a couple of month or even longer. 

At a first personal appointment I will gladly advise you individually and in detail about the different modes of action and the pros and cons of a laser treatment of your lip lines or lip wrinkles.

Injections of Hyaluron acid or Botulinumtoxin

Injection of hyaluron acid against lip wrinkles

Injections of body’s own hyaluronic acid as a filler leads to an upholstering and smoothened-up effect of the skin. Hyaluron promotes the forming of moisturising collagen. The skin regains a new and freshness, a new firmness and more volume. One possible drawback of the injection of hyaluronic acid against lip wrinkles consists in the fact that the treatment might be repeated throughout several sessions at intervals of some weeks especially with already deeper lip wrinkles. 

An overly high dose of hyaluronic acid can lead to a visible buckling formation as the skin around the lips is already thin. As for the side effects of the injection of hyaluronic acid temporary reddening, swellings and bruises on and around the treated areas can occur which normally subside after a short time. There can also appear possible allergenic effects when injecting hyaluronic acid. 

The resulting smoothen and upholstering effect is not a long-term effect as the body subsequently degrades the injected hyaluronic acid in the course of one to three years. Find more information on my page Hyaluron Filler . Injection of nerve toxin /neurotoxin against lip wrinkles The Injection of nerve toxin /neurotoxin (Botulinumtoxin treatment) against lip wrinkles aims to reduce the activity of the muscles around the mouth. Finally lip wrinkles form as a result of the pronounced activity of the facial muscles. 

By injecting Botulinumtoxin the forming of new wrinkles is inhibited as facial movements are reduced. The obtained results last for approx. three to six months. During this during of efficacy the natural facial expressions are at least restricted or even slightly impaired which can lead to an unnatural or even mask-like look. 

I am looking forward to consult you individually and in detail in my state-of-the-art equipped practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich about the pros and cons of the treatment of lip wrinkles with hyaluronic acid or Botulinumtoxin injections and about the opportunities a combination of both treatments offers.

Self blood/autologous blood treatment lip wrinkles

The scope of a self blood/autologous blood treatment to smoothen or even eliminate lip wrinkles is to isolate blood’s own growth factors and to re-inject them into the patient’s skin. 

This procedure on its turn stimulates the production of moisturising endogenous collagen. On my page Self blood/autologous blood therapy to treat wrinkles you will learn all about how self blood treatment (aka Vampire Facelift) can lead to visible results when treating lip wrinkles.

Lip wrinkles and chemical peelings

With the deployment of chemical solutions the upper layer of the skin is removed. Skin’s texture and structure are refined and the upper skin layer regain its elasticity as fresh skin layers take the part of old and dead skin cells. A pleasant side effect is the stimulation of the production of moisturising endogenous collagen so that the skin can bind much more moisture leading to an upholstered volume and more elasticity of the skin around the lips. 

Chemical peelings are primarily suitable for upper lip wrinkles as the deeper the removed skin layers are the longer is the time it takes the skin to recover from this treatment. And this for its turn means that reddening, swellings and bruises around the treated areas are longer visible.

How can I prevent lip wrinkles?

Lip wrinkles are the result of the natural aging process of the skin as well as of the natural facial movement and expressions. On the other hand you don’t necessarily have to settle with your lip wrinkles. On the contrary, you can take it into your own hand when it comes to prevent or least slow down the forming of lip wrinkles as well as the deepening of already existing lip wrinkles. 

Except of exercising the circular muscle around your mouth or facial yoga there a more ways to prevent lip lines or creases around your lips. On my page “Ho to prevent wrinkles” you can find a comprehensive overview on tried-and tested every-day tips to preserve the seductive contours of your lips.

Summary lip wrinkles treatment

In summary, there certain methods are rather suited to treat lip wrinkles than other to obtain the desired results, of course depending on the characteristics and shape of the wrinkles or creases. In addition the several treatment methods of wrinkles around the upper and lower lips differ according to the side effects and risks they bear as well as necessary recovering times and “downtimes” after the corresponding intervention. 

I’m looking forward to advise you personally on which treatment is the most promising in your individual case and which one is not advisable.

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