Symmastia After Breast Augmentation 

Origin and correction

Symmastia - What do I need to know??

Getting a sexy décolleté with large breast implants - a big wish for many women. But what if the implants are chosen too big and don't fit the patient's anatomical prerequisites? What if instead of a sexy décolleté, there is no longer any visible cleavage because the minimum distance to the breastbone was not maintained due to implants that are too large.

In these cases, one speaks of symmastia after breast augmentation. On the following pages, you will learn exactly how it manifests, how it can be corrected, and how it can be prevented.

Formation of symmastia after breast augmentation

If a plastic surgeon uses implants that are too large for the patient's body type during breast augmentation and does not maintain the minimum distance to the breastbone, along with creating pockets for the implants that are too wide and separating the chest muscles too far apart, this can cause the cleavage to "disappear" as the breasts become adjacent to each other in the middle, creating the optical illusion that they are fused together. The breast implants essentially drift towards each other because, due to their size and weight, which do not match the patient's anatomy, they detach from the breast tissue due to excessive pressure and move towards the middle from their original position.

Symmastia after breast augmentation

Especially with breast implants placed on top of the chest muscle (subglandular), symmastia can occur after breast surgery.

Folgen einer durch Brust-OP entstandenen Symmastie

If the breasts constantly touch each other and rub against each other, it can lead to permanent skin irritation. The consequences can be acute or chronic skin inflammation. In severe cases, large scars can also form in the affected areas as a result of this mechanical irritation.

In addition, the psychological burden on patients affected by symmastia is also crucial. Breasts that appear to be fused together in the middle can significantly affect a woman's self-confidence, appearance, and body image.

Correction of symmastia after breast surgery

To correct symmastia caused by oversized breast implants, inadequate distance to the breastbone, and/or overly wide implant pockets, another breast surgery is usually necessary.

Explantation, which involves removing the existing implants and inserting new ones that are smaller and better suited to the patient's anatomy, is the most common corrective method for symmastia. Additionally, depending on the initial situation, it may be beneficial to insert new or existing implants under the chest muscle (submuscularly) rather than on top of it.

In certain cases, repositioning of the existing implant can also provide relief. Similarly, a reduction in the size of the implant pockets can be performed to provide greater support for existing or new implants.

In any case, it is recommended to wear a compression bra after symmastia correction to relieve tissue and prevent re-displacement from the breastbone, and thus prevent further symmastia.

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