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May it be creases, horizontal or vertical neck wrinkles or neck lines or even a “turkey neck”: Neck wrinkles impair and negatively affect the own visual appearance and self perception.

Fortunately there are many necklift treatments that give back the natural elasticity, more volume and a fresher overall-appearance to your neck. And that provide your skin’s structure with the natural aesthetics.

On the following pages will learn about the different treatment approaches to smoothen or even eliminate neck wrinkles and which neck wrinkle treatment provides the best possible results for your individual neck wrinkles. As a renowned specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery with a state-of-the-art equipped practice in Munich I hope that on the following pages you will gain some interesting insights into how the various approaches on neck wrinkle treatment differ and which treatment provides the best possible results for your individual neck wrinkles.

How do the various types of neck wrinkles differ?

Also many people can’t really tell the difference between the various types of neck wrinkles as all forms of wrinkles around the neck are equally disturbing and annoying.

Neck wrinkles differ considerably from each other. Depending on their shape and characteristics there a accordingly various treatments to smoothen –up or even to eliminate neck wrinkles.

Als versierter Exerpte für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie in München unterscheide ich untAs a proven expert o plastic and aesthetic surgery I distinguish between the following types of neck wrinkles:

Incipient wrinkles (creases)

Initially, creases are superficial wrinkles. They form because of the undersupplying with moisture of the skin which occurs within the natural aging process and as a consequence of the decreasing production of endogenous moisturising hyaluron acid. But also external factors (exposure to sunlight, alcohol, stress, etc.) favour the forming of neck wrinkles.

Vertical neck wrinkles

Mostly middle-aged women suffer from vertically running neck lines that are more or less pronounced. What becomes apparent is simply the middle edge of the Platysma muscle (a skin/neck muscle).

Its two muscle cords gain more and more visibility with the skin getting thinner and losing more and more elasticity and volume.

Horizontal neck wrinkles

Horizontal neck wrinkles run parallel to the chin and resemble transversally running rings. These rings on their part form in younger years and have actually been there ever since birth.

With ongoing age they become more and more evident and hence permanently visible.

Surplus skin (Turkey neck)

These ring-shaped wrinkles around the neck form as the production of the strength-giving protein collagen decreases with ongoing age and cannot be produced anymore in sufficient quantities.

This on its part leads to a decreasing elasticity of the skin. In addition, with the reduction of the natural fatty tissue the skin loses volume and becomes thinner and thinner. With diminishing muscle strength and gravity that contribute their part, the skin sags automatically and the turkey neck forms.

How to treat wrinkles on the neck

The treatment options of neck wrinkles are as manifold as the forms neck wrinkles have. Not every neck wrinkle treatment is suited every of the various forms of appearance of neck wrinkles or for the décolleté smoothing.

Deployment of Meso Threads against neck wrinkles

Thread lifting is a gentle approach to tighten and lift the soft tissues of the neck. By depolying collagen forming threads the tension-losing connective tissue is tightened and the traces left by the aging process and gravity are elegantly and naturally blurred.

This minimally invasive intervention takes about 20 – 30 minutes and can be repeated at regular intervals in order to keep the obtained skin tightening results or even to further improve them.

Eliminate neck wrinkles

Neck wrinkles treatment with Meso Threads

Depending on the treatment focus we use differently shaped threats that are all 100 % biodegradable:

Tension threads with bidirectional barbs are used to tighten the skin with considerable skin surplus (turkey neck)

– Plain threads without barbs are used to stretch the skin, to upholster the skin, to refill deeper wrinkles and to increase the production of endogenous collagen. The result: A firmer tissue in of face, neck and body.

Neck wrinkles and laser

Treating neck wrinkles with laser means deploying a minimally invasive and gentle approach to smoothen or even eliminate annoying neck wrinkles – completely without surgery or scalpel.

Little by little, a high-energy laser heats up the fatty tissue point by point. The fat deposits melt away. Simultaneously this heating up leads to stimulation of the connective tissue as well as of the production of endogenous collagen.

A laser can also and at least in a very limited way have positive effects on the skin’s quality

As a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery I will gladly advice you in person about the options of the deployment of a laser for neck wrinkle lifting in my modern practice in Munich. I will be happy to explain to you the deployment, the different modes of action and the pros and cons of a laser treatment against neck wrinkles.

Injections of Hyaluron acid or Botulinumtoxin against neck wrinkles

Injection of Hyaluron acid against neck wrinkles With the injection of body’s own hyaluronic acid as filler the skin experiences a tightening and smoothened-up effect, regains more volume and appears younger again.

It is to mention that injections of hyaluronic acid are not appropriate to treat all forms of neck wrinkles. In addition, the skin is much thinner around the neck as the skin in the facial area where hyaluronic acid can be used against wrinkles.

Due to the thinner skin the hyaluronic acid that is injected in the form of a gel is palpable at least shortly after the intervention. Additionaly, haematomas (i.e. bruises) can form around the treated areas.

Lastly, you should consider that the first three hyaluronic acid injections should be carried out at regular intervals of four to six weeks and sometimes of eight to twelve weeks. Additional and further refreshments are recommended after approx. twelve months.

Find more information on my page Hyaluron Filler .

Injection of nerve toxin against neck wrinkles

The injection of Botulinumtoxin leads to a relaxation of the Platysma muscle which contours emerges stronger with ongoing age. As a result of this relaxation the visibility of the muscle cords decreases which in turn lead to a firmer look of the skin.

Normally, good results with nerve toxin can only be obtained if the skin still has sufficient strength and elasticity, i.e. before an age limit of approx. 50 years.

It is also important to consider that the visible smoothening effect only begins after two to three days after the intervention and that the effects last only up to three to six months. In addition, there are several side effects like minor bruises or swellings around the puncture marks of the Botulinumtoxin injection.

I am looking forward to consult you personally and in detail about to which extends a treatment of neck wrinkles with hyaluronic acid or Botulinumtoxin injections is suitable for your individual neck wrinkles.

How can I prevent neck wrinkles?

May it be too much natural or artificial sunlight, not enough sleep, too much stress and hectic, alcohol or oxidative stress caused by nicotine: There are several external factors that in addition to the natural aging process afflict our skin and speed up the forming of wrinkles.

In my guidebook “How to prevent wrinkles” you will find a considerable number of tried-and-tested tips on how you can prevent the forming of wrinkles and of surplus skin e.g. by renouncing to “skin killers” like alcohol or nicotine or with an accurate daily skin care

Summary neck wrinkles treatment

The shapes of neck wrinkles and the reasons for their forming are as manifold as their individual characteristics, i.e. from incipient wrinkles to a turkey neck. Equally diverse are the treatment options of neck wrinkles I offer you to obtain a sustainable smoothing and reduction of wrinkles.

Besides the well-known methods like hyaluronic acid or Botulinumtoxin injections, you will also find the insertion of Meso Threads in my wide range of treatments as a gentle way to treat neck wrinkles.

Meso threads are inserted during a minimally invasive intervention and offer immediately visible results. As a alternative treatment to laser or the injection of hyaluronic acid or Botulinumtoxin the treatment of neck wrinkles with Meso threads works completely without surgery.

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