What really helps against cheek wrinkles?

Obtain maximum results with a minimally invasive method – innovative Meso Threadsfor a sustainable wrinkle treatment.

Cheek wrinkles elimination and treatment in Munich

Even though your cheek wrinkles have involuntarily become your „old acquaintances“ that doesn’t mean that you have to spend the rest of your life in their company.

Thanks to various wrinkle treatment methods cheek wrinkles as well as creases of different types, shapes and structure can be smoothened or even made completely invisible.

Learn on the following pages which treatments I as an experienced specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery use in my modern practice in Munich to smoothen-up or even to eliminate wrinkles in the facial area and to treat cheek wrinkles in a sustainable way for a visible success.

How do cheek wrinkles differ?

Cheek wrinkles or creases are lateral wrinkles in the facial area. They appear on the cheeks and run from the temples to the chin and from the ears to the mouth as fine thin vertical lines. With ongoing age cheek wrinkles can extend on larger skin areas.

Cheek wrinkles take different forms and shapes a have different characteristics like depth and size. Additionally, the causes for their forming play an important role to distinguish them from each other and to find the most appropriate treatments.

As a proven specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery with a state-of-the-art equipped practice in Munich I distinguish between the following common cheek wrinkles:

Temporary and permanent cheek wrinkles

Temporary cheek wrinkles can for example form as a result of a wrong sleeping position. The skin’s collagen and elastin fibres crumble which in turn leads to creases. These creases gradually disappear with the increasing erection of the skin.

Permanent cheek wrinkles on their part initially form from the merely visible creases which can only be seen with certain facial expressions. As likeable as they initially are as annoying they become the more pronounced and visible they get.

The more the skin loses its elasticity, volume and firmness with ongoing age the thinner it gets and the less collagen and elastin are produced. As a result the forming of wrinkles advances. Creases and laughing lines dig deeper and deeper into the skin also due to the natural mimic and other external factors.

Deep and pronounced cheek wrinkles

As soon as cheek wrinkles appear as strongly pronounced deep furrows on the cheeks and are visible regardless of our facial expressions we talk about static wrinkles. These deep and pronounced wrinkles appear especially prominent in areas where the skin is thinnest.

Deep and pronounced cheek wrinkles can be treated for example with the injection of hyaloronic acid. Thus lost volume can be rebuilt and the skin regains new firmness.

As a proven specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery with a modern practice in Munich I insert collagen forming threads (PDO threads), a sustainable and gentle treatment for deep and pronounced cheek wrinkles that goes completely without surgery or scalpel.

These Meso threads stimulate the forming of endogenous collagen and elastin. The skin visibly regains volume and the connective tissue hardens. The impressive result: tighter facial contours and an overall rejuvenated appearance.

Vertical cheek wrinkles

Vertical cheek wrinkles run from the temples right down to the mouth. Depending on how pronounced they are, they can eventually become static wrinkles and thus be permanently visible, regardless of facial expression

According to their specific manifestation, vertical cheek wrinkles can be treated with the insertion of tightening Meso threads, with the injection of hyaloronic acid or Botulinumtoxin or even with a laser.

Lateral cheek wrinkles

Creases on the cheeks and/or on the lateral facial area can initially appear as fine vertical lines and with time extend on larger skin areas or in a chessboard-shaped form.

Depending on the stadium and the manifestation lateral cheek wrinkles can be treated with collagen forming and tightening Meso threads, with injections of hyaloronic acid or Botulinumtoxin or by deploying a laser to give back the skin its natural volume and to regain tighter facial contours.

How to treat cheek wrinkles

Similar to the reasons for the formation of cheek wrinkles the treatment options strongly depend on the personal situation as well as on the characteristics and manifestation of the wrinkles in the facial area.

In the following I will give you a comprehensive overview on which treatment suits best for which specific kind of cheek wrinkle.

At a personal appointment I will gladly advise you individually and in detail. Together we will find the most appropriate treatment for your individual cheek wrinkles.

Deployment of Meso Threads against cheek wrinkles

With the deployment of Meso Threads against cheek wrinkles collagen forming threads (PDO threads) are inserted in a minimally invasive way and without surgery or scalpel to smoothen-up or even to eliminate wrinkles. The skin is again capable to retain more moisture which leads to an upholstering of the skin’s volume.

Additionally the skin on the cheeks gets contracted by the extra insertion of tension threads so that the connective tissue can harden again and the skin can regain its firmness.

Find more advantages of the insertion of Meso threads against cheek wrinkles on my page Thread lifting with Meso Threads.

Eliminate Cheek wrinkles

Cheek wrinkles treatment with Meso Threads

– Tension threads with bidirectional barbs are used to tighten the skin.

– Plain threads without barbs are used to stretch the skin, to upholster the skin, to refill deeper wrinkles and to increase the production of endogenous collagen.

During a personal appointment, I will be happy to explain to you how versatile the treatment options are that mesofilaments offer for cheek wrinkles. I look forward to hearing from you!

Cheek wrinkles and laser

When a laser is used to treat cheek wrinkles the upper layers of the skin are abraded with the help of short and highly concentrated light pulses. The emitted heat takes its way to the tissue under the skin and lifts up the substructure of the skin. The skin on its turn experiences a strengthening effect and the production of moisture-binding endogenous collagen is stimulated.

This is, by the way, just a natural reaction of the body as the self-healing forces are activated due to the “wounds” inflicted by the laser.

As the laser can only reach upper skin layers the best treatment successes are primarily obtained with superficial and not yet too pronounced and deep cheek wrinkles.

After a laser treatment there may occur temporary light to medium reddening or swellings on and around the treated areas.

I will gladly advice you in person about the requirements and options of the deployment of a laser for a cheek wrinkle lifting as well on the pros and cons of a laser treatment .

Injecting cheek wrinkles with botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid

Cheek wrinkles and hyaluronic acid

The injection of body-identical hyaluronic acid aims at an upholstering of already deep and pronounced cheek wrinkles form the inside. The hyaluronic acid is directly injected under the skin and functions as filling material.

This also stimulates the cell renewal what finally leads to a firmer and smoother skin in the cheeks’ area.

As for the side effects of the injection of hyaluronic acid there may appear temporary reddening, swellings or bruises on and around the treated areas.

It is also important to mention that hyaluronic acid degrades with time. So you should calculate to repeat the hyaluronic acid injection after approx. six month.

Find more information on my page Hyaluron-Filler – Munich

Cheek wrinkles Botulinumtoxin

For the treatment of cheek wrinkles Botulinumtoxin injections the nerve toxin is injected with a very thin needle. The substance paralyzes the muscles in the respective cheek areas and reduces the unconscious facial expressions. This on its part prevents the forming of new wrinkles on the cheeks and slows down the deepening of already existing wrinkles. The skin becomes smoother and less wrinkled. The suppression respectively the relaxation of the muscles last approx. three to six months. After that the Botulinum injection should be repeated. wiederholt werden.

There may occur reddening and/or light swellings around the treated areas can occur which normally subside after a short time

In a personal conversation I will gladly advice you in detail how the injection of hyaluronic acid or Botulinumtoxin or a combination of both can lead to a smoothening of your individual cheek wrinkles.

How can I prevent cheek wrinkles?

Cheek wrinkles appear for several reasons and the ways they manifest in terms of depth and speed are equally diverse. ´Just as varied are the respective treatment methods.

Besides innovative Meso threads, the injection of hyaluronic acid or Botulinumtoxin and the deployment of a laser there are actually several treatment options how you yourself can prevent the forming of cheek wrinkles or reduce their manifestation.

Find more of every-day tips and tricks to prevent cheek wrinkles on my page “Ho to prevent wrinkles”

I wish you exciting insights!

Summary cheek wrinkles treatment

Cheek wrinkles are expression wrinkles. They form as a result of the natural movement of the muscles and the biological aging process of the skin.

Initially cheek wrinkles appear as dynamic creases or fine lines that are only visible with certain facial expressions. With ongoing age cheek wrinkles become more pronounced and deeper and extend to wider areas to finally “end up” as permanently visible deeper furrows in the face.

Depending on how strong the cheek wrinkles are prominent and the wrinkles on the face are generally pronounced and on where wrinkles and creases appear and finally according to individual conditions, the different treatment options can lead to success: a firmer, fresher and rejuvenated skin with few wrinkles.

In a first consultation I would be happy to discuss with you personally which might be the most appropriate “medicine” against annoying cheek wrinkles or creases. I look forward to meeting you!

As a proven specialist in the field of wrinkle treatment with years of experience in gentle and lasting wrinkle smoothing and wrinkle removal, you will benefit from in my modern practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich:

I would be happy to explain to you in an initial personal consultation which treatment methods we can use to achieve the best results for your cheek wrinkles. I look forward to your enquiry!

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Cheek wrinkles - Treatment in Munich

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