Remove Breast Implants

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"hy and how are breast implants removed?

Even though modern and high-quality implants are designed to remain in the body for many years, some patients wish to have their breast implant removed.

Personal reasons or, more rarely, medical indications can be the trigger for the desire for a permanent removal of breast implants after perhaps a breast augmentation that took place some time ago. How this procedure works, when it is advisable or even necessary, what costs are associated with removing breast implants, and what alternatives exist, will be explained to you on the following pages.

Why replace breast implants?

When patients decide to have their breast implants removed, a common reason is that they want to return to their 'natural' breasts. Perhaps the implanted breast implants were too large and the idea of living without them in the future outweighs replacing large implants with smaller ones.

Also, the feeling of something foreign in the breast can eventually lead to the decision to have the breast implants removed. Especially when implants, after a longer period of time, shift due to skin and tissue sagging or simply no longer fit perfectly, the path towards removing breast implants can be short.

Other reasons to remove breast implants

Sometimes, back pain, especially with large and heavy breast implants, can also lead to this decision. Other patients complain of tension pain and high sensitivity, possibly due to capsular contracture.

And last but not least, women may decide to have their implants permanently removed after a rupture of the implants and choose not to have them replaced.

Procedure to remove breast implants

As with the insertion of breast implants, their removal also involves a full anesthesia operation. If possible, the surgeon will use the access points created during the insertion. This avoids, where possible, creating new incisions and thus new surgical scars.

During the procedure, the surgeon not only removes the implants as completely as possible but also ensures that they can be removed undamaged.

Just as with the insertion of breast implants, physical rest and a recovery period of a few weeks are also necessary after the breast implant removal.

As mentioned before, since the removal of breast implants involves a 2 to 4-hour surgery under general anesthesia, there are corresponding risks such as bleeding, swelling, and other complications.

Breast implant removal with skin tightening

Especially when the tightening and firmness of the skin and tissue have already diminished, the excess skin resulting from the removal of the implants can tend to sag. After all, there is no longer a (large) implant filling the skin around the breast.

In such cases, a skin tightening procedure is recommended to be performed after the removal of the breast implants. This makes the breast look firm again even without implants.

Autologous fat transplantation after breast implant removal?

Depending on the condition of the tissue and the presence of sufficient body fat, filling the breasts with prepared autologous fat by injection can be a complementary treatment after the removal of breast implants. The advantage of autologous fat transplantation is that the body does not perceive it as a foreign substance, unlike implants.

However, there must be enough autologous fat available to transplant into the breasts.

Breast implants removal- alternatives?

Of course, implants can also be replaced instead of being permanently removed. If the existing breast implants seem too large, for example, they can be replaced with smaller ones.

If the implants have shifted, there is also the possibility of repositioning them, correcting the implant pockets, or moving the breast implants from on top of the chest muscle (subglandular) to underneath the chest muscle (submuscular).

Costs to remove breast implants

In general, this question cannot be answered in a similar way to the insertion of breast implants. The resulting costs depend on the position, size, shape, and quality of the implants, anatomical conditions, and therefore, the duration of the procedure.

Additional costs may also arise when removing breast implants if, for example, subsequent skin tightening is desired.

However, I would be happy to discuss all the details about the "costs of removing breast implants" with you in a first personal consultation.

Regarding the coverage of costs by statutory health insurance, this usually only occurs if there are compelling medical indications.

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