Double-Bubble-Effect After Breast Augmentation

Origination, avoidance & correction 


Learn about the causes of a Double-Bubble deformity, how to prevent it, and how it can be corrected on the following pages. 

How to recognize a double-bubble deformity

A double-bubble deformity is a condition that can occur after breast surgery if a large or wide implant is used for a small breast or a small breast diameter, or if the breasts have insufficient elastic tissue or an increased breast fold.

How to recognize a double-bubble effect

Double-Bubble deformations are visually recognizable by the fact that the inframammary fold appears to be double. This means that instead of just one elevation, two are visible: the actual inframammary fold and the implant that is outlined underneath it. 

Why does a double-bubble effect occur? 

WThe double bubble effect occurs when a breast implant is inserted during a breast augmentation procedure. Normally, the inframammary fold moves down to make room for the implant, but if the implant is too large in comparison to the breast or breast diameter, or if the breast tissue and gland are too inelastic to stretch enough, the implant forms its own fold, making it visible and palpable.

Another reason for the occurrence of the unsightly "double bulge" is that the surgeon did not dissolve the existing inframammary fold when inserting the implant, or did not take into account the harmonious interplay of the size and shape of the implant and the breast base.

It is also possible that excessive adherence of the tissue to the ribcage prevents the inframammary fold from moving down when the implant is inserted, resulting in the unsightly second bulge.

Another reason for the formation of a double bulge is a genetically caused tubular breast (tubular breast). As the adhering glandular tissue prevents the breast gland from developing uniformly, a tubular, hanging shape of the breast results.

Due to the special nature of the glandular tissue and also because a tubular breast is accompanied by a very small breast base, the risk of a double bubble deformity is particularly high in this case.

How to correct a dubble-bubble deformation

Corrections of a double bubble deformity usually only occur through another breast surgery procedure.

It may be sufficient to relieve the pressure on the breast tissue by making incisions with the goal of lightly releasing the breast tissue and thus supporting the breast implant to naturally fall down.

The already inserted implant can also be re-positioned or positioned higher.

Another option to correct the double bubble deformity is to replace the inserted silicone implant with one that is better suited to the diameter of the breast base (i.e. smaller if in doubt) and/or to insert it under the chest muscle (subglandular).

How to prevent a double-bubble effect

To prevent the occurrence of a double-bubble deformity, or to minimize it, the surgeon must make sure that the implant size and shape match the patient's breast base before the breast surgery.

During the breast surgery, if necessary, the surgeon must lower the inframammary fold and can also check during the procedure how much the tissue can stretch downwards. If this is insufficient, relief cuts can be made in the inner breast tissue to support the creation of a new, lower natural inframammary fold.

Correction dubble-bubble effect in Munich

To determine the best method for identifying and correcting a potential double-bubble deformity, and to prevent its occurrence after breast augmentation surgery, it is best to consult with a qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeon. During a personal consultation, I can discuss the various options and determine the best approach for your specific case.

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