Unequal Breasts

 What you should know about breast asymmetry.

Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetries, i.e., different sized and shaped breasts, are not uncommon, but rather normal. Accordingly, many women have uneven breasts, but they may not notice or be bothered by this breast asymmetry.

However, what if having differently sized breasts becomes a psychological burden? In what form does breast asymmetry occur, and how can it be concealed or corrected?

Answers to these and other important questions about uneven breasts can be found on the following pages.

Causes of eneven breasts

Breast asymmetries can be the result of a genetic disorder. However, accidents, cancer, or inflammation can also cause damage to glandular and fatty tissue, leading to uneven breasts.

What are the different types of Breast Asymmetry?

When a woman's breasts are unequal, this asymmetry can manifest in many ways. For example, the shape of one breast may differ from the other. The same applies to size and weight. In addition, it may be the case that the nipple or the inframammary fold is lower or higher on one side.

Correction of uneven breasts without surgery?

Before taking the step towards breast surgery in connection with, for example, breast augmentation , to adjust uneven breasts, non-surgical options should be considered.

One possibility is to choose bras that correspond to the larger breast in cup size. The side for the smaller breast can then be adjusted to the larger breast with silicone pads.

Depending on the degree of breast asymmetry, some of the unevenness in the breasts can also be adjusted by adjusting the bra straps.

Breast Surgery with Uneven Breasts

If the breast asymmetry is strongly pronounced, meaning both breasts differ greatly in shape, size, weight, position of the nipples or the inframammary folds, a breast surgery may be the right decision.

Whether only one breast is enlarged/reduced to achieve a symmetrical appearance, or whether one breast is reduced and one is enlarged and whether additional skin tightening is performed, depends on the degree and type of asymmetry. And, of course, on the patient's preferences.

Uneven Breast Surgery

For the enlargement of one or possibly both breasts, silicone implants can be inserted or autologous fat can be injected to increase the volume in the breast(s).

It is also possible to reposition certain nipple and breast fold areas to adjust to the other side or to remodel both sides if necessary.

Procedure for Breast Surgery to Correct Breast Asymmetry

Regardless of the chosen method, all procedures related to uneven breasts are operations performed under general anesthesia.

In breast reduction, tissue is removed and the skin may be tightened. Sagging and loose tissue is removed and then the skin and tissue are sutured back together without tension.

In breast augmentation, silicone implants are placed under or on top of the chest muscle.

In autologous fat transplantation, the surgeon injects processed autologous fat cells into the breast tissue to increase breast volume. Of course, silicone implants and autologous fat transplantation can also be combined and/or supplemented with skin tightening.

Costs to correct Uneven Breasts

A general answer to the cost question cannot be given in a serious manner. The possibilities for surgically correcting asymmetrical breasts are too numerous for a flat rate answer. Individual conditions and the patients' preferences also play a crucial role.

However, I would be happy to provide you with personal and discreet advice on the cost of correcting breast asymmetry.

To do so, simply arrange a personal consultation appointment at my modern practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich.

Breast asymmetry - does health insurance cover the costs of surgery?

If there are medical indications and the breast surgery is medically necessary, statutory health insurances will cover the costs. However, it can be difficult to prove that breast surgery for breast asymmetry is medically necessary and not just a cosmetic procedure.

On the other hand, breast reductions to adjust uneven breasts can indeed be medically necessary if a too large breast leads to postural problems and thereby causes back, leg or arm pain or even inflammation.

Correction of Uneven Breasts in Munich

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