What really helps against frown lines?

How to obtain maximum results in a minimally invasive way – with innovative Meso Threads towards maximum success against frown lines

Removal and treatment of frown lines in Munich

Frown lines (med.: glabella line) run symmetrically or asymmetrically above the nasal root between the eyebrows. They give the overall appearance a note of disgruntlement or stress. Anyhow frown lines have natural causes: the scrunching of the frontal muscle due to concentration in combination with a decreasing elasticity of the skin with ongoing age.

As natural as the causes for frown line forming may be as unnatural is the appearance the convey, i.e. tension, anger and a bad mood as a permanent condition although your actually are relaxed and in high spirits.

The good news is that there are many approaches and methods to successfully treat and soften frown lines in a sustainable way. Already existing frown lines can be softened or even made completely invisible. In addition, the forming of new frown lines can be prevented or at least slowed down. Your skin regains more elasticity and volume, a new freshness and a natural relaxation.

Learn here which treatments I as a renowned specialist for plastic and anaesthetic surgery with a modern practice in Munich deploy and which of these approaches is the most appropriate for your individual frown lines.

How do frown lines differ?

At a younger age frown lines appear as dynamic vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows. They are and remain only visible when the forehead musculature is contracted i.e., when the natural mimic is activated, when staring at a screen, when blinking or with actual physical tension or stress and anger.

With ongoing age the moisturizing collagen and the elasticity of the skin gradually decrease. As a consequence the frown lines remain visible even if the muscles are not tensed.

How do you treat frown lines?

Depending on the manifestation, the depth and the shape of your frown lines there can be different appropriate treatment methods or even a combination of two or more interventions to achieve the desired results.

As a matter of fact frown lines like other expression lines are the result of individual (and genetic) predisposition of the skin, the manifestation of facial expressions and the frequency and intensity of the contraction of the forehead musculature.

As a consequence there are no reliable general answers to the most appropriate treatment of frown lines. A more professional approach is the individual advice that is very strictly determined by your individual needs and the manifestation and form of your frown lines.

In the following you will learn about the different methods I deploy for the treatment of frown lines.

Deployment of Meso Threads against frown lines

Thread lifting against frown lines combines two methods in one treatment: facelift and the build-up of volume – without surgery, in a minimally invasive way and within approx. 30 minutes with an immediately visible effect. . Another benefit and additional advantage of Meso thread lifting is that you are fit for work right after the intervention.

Saggy skin areas are naturally remodelled and by the insertion of Meso threads the skin is stimulated to produce moisturising collagen. The outcome: a firmer and more elastic skin, more volume and less wrinkle (forming).

On my page Meso Thread Lifting Munich you will find more detailed information about this innovative wrinkles treatment I offer my patients in my modern equipped practice in Munich.

Remove frown lines

Meso threads treatment against frown lines

Tension threads with bidirectional barbs serve to tighten the skin

Plain threads without barbs are used to stretch the skin, to upholster deeper and pronounced wrinkles (filler) and to increase the production of endogenous collagen.

In a personal conversation I will consult you individually and in detail about the advantages and opportunities a Meso thread treatment against frown lines. I am looking forward to your inquiry!

Frown lines and laser

The best treatment results of frown lines are obtained with the deployment of a fractional laser. Here firstly light pulses are „fired” on the corresponding tissue on the treated tissue regions at short intervals promoting the tissue formation. Secondly, the production of collagen is stimulated as the skin tries to close the numerous inflicted little wounds by setting in its self-healing and self-renewal process. The result: a visible smoothing of the skin that appears rejuvenated and fresher.

On the debit side, it hast o be considered that a laser treatment of frown lines can only soften but not completely remove wrinkles between the eyebrows that are already deep.

Another side effect of the laser treatment s that there can occur temporary light to medium reddening or light swellings on and around the treated areas which normally should subside after a few days.

I will gladly advice you in an initial personal consultation in my modern practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich about the requirements and options of the deployment of a laser against frown lines as well on the overall pros and cons of a laser treatment.

Injections of Hyaluronic acid or Botulinumtoxin against frown lines

Botulinumtoxin treatment against frown lines

Treating frown lines (med.: glabella line) with nerve toxin means to inject small doses of the Botulinumtoxin substance directly into the muscles of the treated area with a very thin needle. By doing so an excessive muscle activity is prevented respectively blocked. As a result, the skin smoothens and forming of new wrinkles between the eyebrows as well as the deepening of already existing frown lines is stopped.

The suppression respectively the relaxation of the muscles lasts approx. three to six months involving a somewhat limited muscle activity and a limitation of the forehead musculature. To keep the obtained results it is highly considerable to repeat the Botulinumtoxin injection. During this period of efficacy the natural facial expressions are at least restricted or even partially impaired.

Injection of hyaluron acid against frown lines

The injection of body-identical hyaluronic acid is suitable for already very prominent and deep frown lines. During this intervention the hyaluronic acid that functions as filling material is directly injected under the skin with a thin needle. Besides an upholstering effect the hyaluronic acid stimulates the cell renewal which on its turn leads to a firmer and smoother skin.

However, it has to be mentioned that the injection of hyaluronic acid against frown lines/ glabella lines comes with some side-effects: besides possible reddening, swellings or light bruises on and around the treated areas which should normally subside after a short time, the body gradually degrades the injected hyaluronic acid. So you should calculate to repeat the hyaluronic acid injection to smoothen or even remove frown lines after approx. six month to keep the obtained results.

Find more information on my page Hyaluron-Filler.

In a personal conversation I will gladly advice you in detail how the injection of hyaluronic acid or Botulinumtoxin or a combination of both can lead to a smoothening or even to a removal of your individual frown lines.

Self blood/autologous blood treatment against frown lines (Vampire Facelift)

The treatment of frown lines with self blood/autologous blood is also known as vampire facelift. This therapy uses the self-healing forces of the body by extracting the body’s own blood which is then centrifuged, treated and re-injected in the skin as plasma rich blood with rich growth factors.

The result: the forming of moisturising body’s own collagen is stimulated and the body set in its self-healing forces which finally lead to regeneration and a smoothing of the skin.

On my page Self blood/autologous blood therapy to treat wrinkles you will learn all about how self blood treatment (Vampire Facelift) can lead to visible results within the treatment of frown lines.

Micro Needling against frown lines

During a Micro Needling treatment a medical dermaroller which is equipped with numerous needles of a length of some millimetres is rolled over the skin.

The less prominent the frown lines are the more chance there is to achieve good results with the micro needling treatment.

The deeper the furrows between the eyebrows already are the longer the deployed micro needles have to be to reach deeper skin layers. This for its turn means deeper wounds and longer recovering times.

As the micro needles inflict numerous little wounds to the skin there can occur swellings or reddening. In addition, there will be a secretion of wound fluid. Anyhow, all these side-effects should normally subside after approx one week.

Depending on the depth and manifestation of existing frow lines/glabella lines it might be necessary to carry out more micro needling treatments to obtain the desired results.

On my page Micro-Needling: The effective wrinkles treatment you will find all important information about how I deploy micro needling treatment in my modern equipped practice in Munich to effectively soften or even to eliminate frown lines.

How can I prevent and avoid frown lines?

Frown lines/glabella lines result from the interaction of the natural and unconscious contraction of the facial musculature on the one hand and the biological ageing process of the skin on the other hand. As a consequence this type of wrinkle forming cannot be completely prevented. Anyhow there are many every-day tips and tricks that help to control and/or to slow down the forming of new frown lines as well as the deepening of already existing frown lines in a relaxed way.

Read more my page “How to prevent wrinkles”. I wish you an instructive and enjoyable read!

Summary frown lines

Frown lines are typical expression wrinkles and the result of the biological ageing process of the skin. They form above the nasal root between the eyebrows and as a result of the contraction of the forehead musculature, i.e. when we look intensively on a screen tensing our facial muscles unconsciously, when we squint at the sun or when we are actually angry and tense the facial muscles.

In the beginning frown lines are dynamic wrinkles that are invisible when the corresponding musculature is relaxed.

With ongoing age and increasing depth of the frown lines they are permanently visible. Depending on their manifestation, their form, shape and depth, frown lines can be treated in various ways to soften them.

According to the numerous treatment options of frown lines there are no reliable general answers to the most appropriate treatment of frown lines as they form as a result of various individual factors.

And as the requirements and demands to a skin without frown lines are equally individual the best medicine to cure furrows between the eyebrows is a personal and detailed advice that is tailored to your individual needs.

You can find this particular consulting approach together with an outstanding expertise in wrinkles treatment in my state-of-the-art equipped practice in Munich.

Frown lines in Munich

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