Breast Augmentation With Own Fat

When is breast augmentation with own fat possible and sensible?

Breast augmentation with own fat

A dream come true: a naturally enlarged, firmer bust without the use of foreign materials - and at the same time, less fat in problem areas like the belly or hips. Is this a wish that can come true?

This is a cosmetic procedure in which a person's own fat is used to enhance the volume of their breasts. It is considered a gentle and natural way to enhance the breasts and can be a good option for those who prefer to avoid the use of silicone implants.

As a specialist in breast augmentation, I offer you:

When does a breast augmentation with own fat make sense?

A breast augmentation with fat transfer is only suitable for patients who have enough excess body fat. If that's not the case, breast augmentation with implants may be an option.

Self-assessment is often not realistic. During a personal consultation, I will clarify whether a breast augmentation with fat transfer is appropriate for you.

The method is also then meaningful if you only want one cup size more.

Asymmetries can get balanced or existing implants can be camouflaged with own fat, e.g. in the case of so-called rippling.

There must not be a genetic predisposition for breast cancer. In order to be able to carry out a meaningful diagnosis during later preventive examinations, an ultrasound examination and mammogram are necessary before the operation.

Übersicht Brustvergrößerung mit Eigenfett

Duration of the operation
3 – 5 h
Local anesthesia with twilight sleep or, if desired, full anesthesia
Hospital stay
Outpatient or, if desired, one night
Work ability
After 5 days
After four days
Final result
After 3-6 months
Possible with our financing partners
Optimal preparation for surgery
Comprehensive consultation before the surgery
Optimal aftercare
4-6 weeks of compression garment, 8-12 weeks of support bra, 3-4 weeks no sports, sauna, and sun bed
Starting at 12.000 € - depending on the length and complexity of the surgery, including anesthesia and postoperative care

Brustvergrößerung mit Eigenfett Kosten

A breast enlargement using own fat costs approximately 12.000€, including anesthesia and postoperative care, depending on the length of the surgery and the effort involved.

Approximately 12.000 €, including anesthesia and postoperative care, depending on the length of the surgery and the effort involved.

Procedure for breast enlargement with own fat

Duration of surgery
3 – 5 hours
Lokalanästhesie mit Dämmerschlaf oder auf Wunsch Vollnarkose
Aufenthalt Klinik
Ambulant oder je nach Wunsch eine Nacht
Nach ca. 4 Tagen

The preparation

Initially, the starting situation, i.e. the breast before the surgery, is documented on photos. Then, together with the patient, the problem areas are marked from which the fat should be removed. The ideal breast shape is determined and marked on the patient.

Procedure for a breast enlargement with own fat

Schritt 1


The incision lines for the surgery are marked on your body while standing.

Step 1
Schritt 2
Step 2


The anesthesiologist takes all necessary steps for the planned general anesthesia. I only perform breast enlargement under general anesthesia. You will be thoroughly informed in advance about the exact procedure, the effects, and possible risks and side effects of the anesthesia.

Schritt 3

The surgery

I perform the surgery either in the Iatros Clinic in the center of Munich or in the MVZ Ottobrunn in a modern operating room.

Schritt 4
Schritt 4

The surgery:

After taking photos of the initial position, the problem areas from which the fat will be removed are marked with the patient. Then, the ideal breast shape is determined and marked with the patient.

In most cases, the surgery is performed under local anesthesia with twilight sleep, if desired also under general anesthesia.

During the surgery, the fat that has been suctioned is processed using an elaborate procedure. Only the treated fat cells can grow after the transfer. The fat cells are injected into the breast to be enlarged in a sandwich-like manner so that existing tissue and introduced fat tissue alternate in level. This ensures that many (about 90%) of the fat cells find a connection to a blood vessel in the first days after the operation.


The surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis. You should take it easy for the next 10 days. Follow-up appointments will be set depending on the extent of the surgery.

Breast enlargement with own fat in the long term

Fat cells that have attached to the blood supply remain permanently in the body and are involved in the metabolic process like all other fat cells. The breast can be enlarged by another operation by one cup size.

Advantages and disadvantages of breast enlargement with own fat 

Advantages of breast enlargement with own fat: 

  • Natural method without foreign material in the body
  • No sliding of implants possible
  • Natural shape of the breast, very natural feel
  • The respective puncture sites for fat harvesting and placement are made as invisible as possible
  • No capsule fibroses can occur
  • Two goals in one surgery: breast enlargement and fat removal


  • There must be enough own fat on the body
  • The volume increase is limited - only about one cup size is achievable
  • In very rare cases, asymmetries can occur

Breast enlargement with own fat and implant

Combining own fat and implant is possible, allowing the benefits of both methods to be utilized.

Breast enlargement with own fat as a gentle correction:

Inequalities or slight deformations that have arisen from a breast enlargement with an implant can be safely balanced and corrected using own fat. The second method optimizes the result of the first. To correct rippling:

If rippling occurs after a breast enlargement, the injection of own fat can abolish or significantly reduce the formation of wrinkles. In this procedure, the implants are covered by the fat, resulting in a smooth contouring of the breast.

The cup size of breast enlargement with own fat 

The breast can be enlarged by one cup size per surgery. In several consecutive surgeries, the breast can therefore also be enlarged by several cup sizes.

A 3D simulation is only possible with implant enlargements.

Breast enlargement with own fat in Munich 

As a doctor, my patients' trust is of utmost importance to me. I strive to ensure that you feel comfortable in the practice, during the consultation, and during the treatment.

You can benefit from my more than 20 years of experience in breast surgery. My specialty is breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is often a decisive step towards more satisfaction and quality of life. My team and I would like to help you fulfill your desire for a beautiful bust.

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